Typical Single & Dual Completion Well Head
X-Mas Tree Assemblies

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Typical Dual Completion Well Head THREADED CONNECTIONS:
All Integral equipment internal and outlet connection including Casing and Tubing Hanger which have API Threads, conform to API-5B stipulations for concerned tolerances.

The equipment manufactured by American Completion Tools include Tubing Head Adaptors, Valves, Trees, Crosses, Top Connectors and Chokes which can be assembled together and assembly can be used to provide controlled access to the Tubing String bore and control the rate of production. American Completion Tools not only manufactures X-Mas Trees for single and multiple Tubing String installation but also the composite (block) X-Mas Trees for single and multiple Tubing String installations. Testing of X-Mas Trees is done as per Latest standard of API-6A which covers drift test and Hydrostatic test.
Typical Single Completion Well Head and X-Mas Tree Assemblies